Why do I often have trouble hearing what others say? Can it be cured?

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You can obviously hear other people's voices, but you can't make out what they said or what words they said. Sometimes you even have to be repeated several times before you can understand the meaning of a sentence. The reactions of people around you are normal. of.

Why do I often have trouble hearing what others are saying? Can it be cured?

Inability to hear other people’s speech clearly may be caused by two reasons. On the one hand, it is hearing loss caused by physiological factors, such as ear canal obstruction, ear inflammation, etc. On the other hand, it may be caused by psychological factors such as inability to concentrate.

If the hearing loss is caused by physiological factors, you must go to the hospital for medical treatment and conduct a comprehensive examination of the ears to find the cause. If the inattention is caused by psychological factors, you can also go to a professional psychologist to prescribe the right medicine.

Preventing hearing loss is actually as simple as visual acuity. Avoid behaviors and habits that can easily induce hearing loss (staying up late, stress, alcoholism, smoking, wearing headphones for a long time, frequent exposure to noisy areas) places, water in the ears, etc.), do more things to protect your hearing (massage your ears, keep your ears warm, eat a light diet, etc.), check your hearing regularly to understand the changes in hearing. Provide timely intervention and treatment if hearing loss is discovered. The best recovery effect for sudden deafness is within 7 days, and no more than half a month at the latest; for sudden tinnitus, it is best to receive treatment within a month.

Even if your hearing is damaged, you should not give up on yourself. There are effective ways to prevent further hearing loss. Make regular scientific observations to understand the trend of hearing loss and take targeted measures. Users who need Hearing Aids should be fitted and adjusted in time to prevent their ears from being deprived of speech stimulation for a long time, causing speech disorders and consuming more recovery time

If it is because of If you have difficulty concentrating and cannot hear clearly due to psychological factors, you can go to a professional psychologist for consultation. At this time, you can make improvements based on the psychologist's advice. Relax your mind in daily life and practice concentration through attention training.