There are a lot of advertisements for treating tinnitus online. Do you think it works?

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Tinnitus is a common symptom in various clinical departments, and sometimes it is the first symptom. Many people are deeply troubled by tinnitus, which affects hearing and sleep. Long-term tinnitus can also cause emotional and psychological changes in people.

There are many advertisements for treating tinnitus online. Do you think it works?

It is recommended not to blindly listen to advertisements. It is better to go to the otolaryngology department of the hospital. There is currently no medical cure for tinnitus. There is no guarantee in terms of production qualifications or efficacy of online medicines. It is recommended not to trust online tinnitus medicines. If tinnitus persists, you can treat it first. In daily life, pay attention to maintaining a good mood and getting enough sleep.

The current treatment methods for tinnitus mainly include drug therapy, masking therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and psychological therapy.

Drug treatment is to use drugs to relieve tinnitus, but it cannot eliminate it. Masking treatment is what we call generating a masking signal with the same frequency as tinnitus. This is the point of Hearing Aids. It can be done. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is to increase the oxygen content in the blood, improve the hypoxic damage to the auditory receptors, and promote the functional recovery of the cochlea and auditory nerve. There is also psychological treatment, mainly through communication to make them aware of tinnitus. There is some improvement.

You must pay attention to self-regulation, avoid noise, anger, and overexertion. You can often massage your ears to relieve symptoms. If the relief is not obvious after taking medicine , be sure to go to the otolaryngology department of a regular hospital in time.