What is high frequency hearing loss?

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In daily communication with listeners, the most common hearing loss problem that everyone talks about is that they can hear but cannot hear clearly. This phenomenon is even more obvious when multiple people are communicating or in a noisy environment. This is the cause of high-frequency hearing loss. Typical performance. High-frequency hearing loss, the most common of all types of hearing loss, can occur at any age, especially in the elderly and people who are frequently exposed to noise.

What is high-frequency hearing loss?

Generally speaking, high-frequency hearing loss refers to hearing insensitivity or damage to higher-volume sounds. Inability to hear other people's voices clearly, especially female voices, children's voices, or relatively small voices, or inability to hear key higher-frequency sounds such as birds, insects, or phone rings, are all high-frequency hearing Common symptoms of loss.

Hearing loss usually begins with high-frequency hearing loss. Since the sound frequencies in our daily lives are in the low and medium frequencies, we are generally not sensitive to hearing damage in the high-frequency area. Once high-frequency hearing loss is discovered, it is recommended that everyone intervene as soon as possible. Generally speaking, high-frequency hearing loss is difficult to recover through medication and other methods.

The main causes of high-frequency hearing loss are as follows:

The first is noise. When the noise is greater than 80 decibels, long-term stimulation of the ears can cause noise-induced deafness, which is clinically It is often seen on the Internet that some patients often wear high-pitched headphones. Long-term exposure to high-pitched stimulation can easily lead to high-frequency hearing loss in the ears;

The second is ototoxic drugs, clinical research Drugs that indicate ototoxicity mainly attack inner ear hair cells, which are an important cause of high-frequency hearing loss. Inner ear hair cells are the main target organs of ototoxic drugs. Clinically, if patients use aminoglycoside drugs such as penicillin, they may It can cause high-frequency hearing loss;

The third is that some patients have insufficient blood supply to the inner ear, poor inner ear microcirculation, inner ear ischemia, hypoxia, etc., resulting in degeneration of inner ear hair cells. Necrosis and high-frequency hearing loss will also occur.

Hearing loss The main manifestation of high-frequency hearing loss is speech clarity. It is more difficult to hear some relatively high-pitched sounds. In short, high-frequency hearing loss has five outstanding manifestations: < br />1. Can’t hear other people’s voices clearly, especially female voices talking to children or smaller voices;
2. Can’t hear clearly the voices of two or more people talking;
3. Pronunciation and enunciation Not sure, I have a "big tongue" phenomenon, I don't like to talk, I don't like to communicate with everyone;
4. I can't hear high-frequency key sounds such as birdsong, insect chirping or phone ringing;
5. The sound is unnatural and uncomfortable.

In daily life, we can strive to do these things to protect our hearing health:
First, use headphones correctly. Nowadays, many young people like to use headphones to listen to music or watch TV with headphones, or even wear headphones to sleep. This approach is extremely unfriendly to hearing. When using headphones, you must pay attention to turning the sound to an appropriate level and not too loud. In addition, do not use headphones for too long, otherwise it is very likely to cause some damage to your ears again.
Second, stay away from noise. There are more or less noises in our lives, such as the sound of house decoration or the sound of firecrackers burning, which will bring a certain amount of stimulation to our ears. For the subject, the speaker's cell phone is too loud. It is suggested that the subject communicate with the roommate and ask the roommate to lower the volume or use headphones to watch the video. If you already suffer from high-frequency hearing loss, you must stay away from noise, otherwise it may have certain consequences on your ears and cause noise-induced deafness.

Finally, stay away from alcohol. Many people like to drink in daily life. In fact, drinking will bring great harm to their body. If you suffer from high-frequency hearing loss, try to stay away from alcohol, because some substances in alcohol can cause certain damage to your nerves and will affect your hearing to a great extent.