Why are there oily ears and dry ears?

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Earwax is a metabolite of the ear. When many people take out their ears, they will feel disgusted when they look at the yellow earwax. Some people will find that the earwax is in pieces, and some people will find that the earwax is in one piece. Such ears are also called Oily ears, dry ears.

Why are there oily ears and dry ears?

Related to genetics. Most yellow people have dry earwax, which is dry and flaky and easy to fall off, which is often called chaff ear. White people and black people mostly have wet earwax, which is sticky and difficult to remove. This is what people often call oily ear. "Oil" is actually a mixture of grease and cerumen.

It is related to many factors. For example, the environment is a very important factor. For the residents of the Mongolian nomads in the northwest, the incidence of oily ears reaches 15%. People who live by the sea , the incidence rate of oily ears may reach 20%. In short, the incidence rate of oily ears in China is still relatively high.

What is oil ear?

The so-called oily ears mean that the oil glands in the ears secrete very strongly, causing the earwax produced to become extremely greasy. In that oily state, they often form into balls and are taken out. Sometimes, it’s often a big piece.

What is dry ear?
As for dry ears, the secretion of oil glands in the ears continues to decrease, causing the earwax to appear in the shape of crumbs, and there is no greasy component on the earwax.

In fact, earwax is not as useless as people think. It also has greater uses, such as earwax, which can block small flying insects. Leap forward in the ear to prevent small flying insects from damaging the ear canal.
Earwax itself has unexpected benefits in protecting the ears. Once there is a lack of earwax, it will cause greater damage to the ear mucosa and be extremely harmful. Therefore, for people who frequently pick out their ears, it is actually not advisable. Willful ear picking can still cause great harm, so this behavior must be avoided.
For some people, swimming causes water to enter the ears, making the ears wet and turning into oily ears. In view of this situation, it is recommended that everyone keep their ears clean while swimming. Gagged.