What does it feel like to have hearing loss or deterioration?

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Hearing loss is generally a normal phenomenon that occurs as people age. But sometimes teenagers or adults also experience this symptom.

What does it feel like to have hearing loss or deterioration?

Hearing loss, what does it feel like at the beginning?
Hearing loss occurs unconsciously. There are many causes of hearing loss, but an early sign of hearing loss is often the inability to hear high-frequency sounds.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Some people can hear voices, but cannot understand the meaning, and like to interrupt. Others, cannot be heard at normal conversation volume, and the speaker must shout loudly to be heard. In order not to cause trouble to others, I don’t like going out or communicating, my life circle becomes narrower and narrower, and my personality becomes more and more withdrawn.

What is the world like with different degrees of hearing loss?
Normal: There is no problem in normal communication with people, and some small sounds can be distinguished.

Mild hearing loss: Occasionally in daily life, it is difficult to distinguish, cannot distinguish small friction sounds, and many small sounds are filtered out invisibly, and you will quickly adapt to decibels slightly higher than the normal volume. the sound of.

Moderate hearing loss: In daily communication, the other party's voice needs to be louder or repeated many times to be able to distinguish. It is difficult to distinguish speech in a noisy environment. It has reached level 4 of the national hearing disability standard.

Severe hearing loss: The sound of daily communication is blurred, and it is difficult to receive the other party’s speech information without wearing a hearing aid. Unable to communicate in a noisy environment and unable to discern verbal information. It has reached level three of the national hearing disability standard.

Extremely severe hearing loss: Unable to communicate normally in daily life. The other party must raise the volume, speak loudly or even shout in order to be heard. The world is relatively quiet, with only sounds such as firecrackers and thunder being heard. The hearing threshold is between 81dB and 90dB, reaching Level 2 of the National Hearing Disability Standard. The hearing threshold is greater than 90dB, which has reached Level 1 of the National Hearing Disability Standard.

  Unfortunately, there is currently no way to reverse hearing loss. The good news is that Hearing Aids can help you hear better, improve your communication, and enhance your quality of life. If you experience difficulty hearing, it is recommended that you go to a professional hearing center for a detailed hearing examination in time.

There is no conclusion on how long it will take to hear the sound clearly after wearing a hearing aid. After wearing a hearing aid, listen to more sounds and adapt to them more. The more sound stimulation you receive, the more likely you are to hear clearly. Speech training recovery does not happen overnight. It cannot be achieved in an hour or a day. If you persist, it may take year after year.